D'Arte    Interior and Exterior Refurbish

Interior Refurbish:

We Refurbish and repair architectural ornaments, crown mouldings, ceiling medallions, baseboards, cases, domes, niches, decor accents, cracks, and floors.

Exterior Refurbish:

D'Arte LLC refurbishes and repairs mouldings, medallions, balusters and rails, entrance crossheads, entrance pediments, doors, windows, decor accents, walls, cracks, and floors.

Refurbish of medallion in Siesta Key house:

Step 1: Cleaning. Revoming old dirt, caulk, and damaged parts.

Step 2: Filling the holes and imperfections with exterior plaster. Sealing and caulking. Repairing the missing parts with exterior stucco.

Step 3:  One coat of elastomeric comcel brush. Two coats of sealer.      

Step 4: Two coats of paint. One final coat of glass to create the antique-stone style.

Final result - a new medallion!